‘Under Phase 1 of the plan, retail stores and restaurants will be able to
reopen at 25 percent indoor capacity on Monday and outdoor seating will be
permitted with 6 feet between patrons to maintain social distancing.’

Hello friends!

Due to the above guidelines put forth by Governor DeSantis our “Street
Food” program has changed. The tables outside in the “Trap Yard” will be
now be offering our full dinner menu. All tables at The Blue Marlin will
need to be booked ahead so we can comply with guidelines. Please CALL to
reserve for outside seating.

PLEASE NOTE: If the weather becomes inclement, outside reservations will
have to be *CANCELLED* and take-out food will be offered if no tables are
available inside the cottage.

You will be able to reserve the outside “Trap Yard” tables on-line in the
near future. We have limited seating inside and out.

Please keep in mind we will have patrons *before & after your reservation*.
We will allow ample time for a nice dinner and our “waiting” areas will be
extended at the street-side of our property.

Until further notice, please make your reservations online using OpenTable OR call (941)
896-9737 for ALL seating.

Please come and see us as we are making delicious food & cocktails for you!

We have missed you all!

Best Regards,

Blue Marlin Seafood Restaurant